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Maxar releases open data for select sudden onset major crisis events

Open Data Events

The Open Data program is our mission in action. Maxar supports the greater geospatial community by providing the most accurate data and analytics in times of disaster. Organizations working on the front lines increase their impact and effectiveness by having access to this data.

Open data stats

How many events?

8 events activated in 2019

How many total events?

50 events activated overall

How much data?

Data from 26 countries

How many square km?

295,799 sqkm of imagery

Accelerating Humanitarian Response

When crises occur, Maxar is committed to supporting the humanitarian community by providing critical and actionable information to assist response efforts. Associated imagery and crowdsourcing layers are released into the public domain under a Creative Commons 4.0 license, allowing for rapid use and easy integration with existing humanitarian response technologies.

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Disaster Response Activation Protocol

Activation Criteria
  • Sudden onset natural disaster
  • Categorized as a major event based on geographic scope, humanitarian impact, and expectation of need
  • FirstLook event service has been activated

Most recent Open Data event

Oregon Washington Fires

The prospect of scattered rain in the Pacific Northwest raised hopes for better firefighting conditions in Washington and Oregon as of Wednesday, September 16, after weeks of oppressive heat, hazardous air and unpredictable fires that have grown with terrifying speed up and down the coast. Though the storm system was not forecast to be significant, the possibility of rain clouds in coastal regions, instead of smoke plumes and falling ash, was a lifeline for residents after weeks of increasingly grim news. More than 30 people have died in wildfires in the past two months, hundreds of homes have been destroyed, and thousands of people remain in evacuation shelters. Inland and to the south, the forecast was less encouraging. Parts of Central Oregon were expecting gusts up to 35 miles per hour in the afternoon that could contribute to a “significant spread” of new and existing fires, the National Weather Service in Medford, Ore., said. Up to 29 fires were active in Oregon on Wednesday, spread over more than 843,500 acres. Washington State’s Governor Inslee said that they are in a much better position and could possibly be able to help its neighbors by sharing some of its resources with Oregon.

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Events from 2019
Event Date
Kincade Fire Oct. 20, 2019 Learn more
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Woolsey Fire Nov. 08, 2018 Learn more
California Wildfires Nov. 01, 2018 Learn more
Events from 2017
Event Date
Santa Rosa Wildfires Oct. 08, 2017 Learn more

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Program partners

Our Program Partners use, access and champion the Open Data Program. They provide feedback on how the data and program are supporting their emergency response data needs, disseminate the data to those who can use it the most, request activations for events. Without our Program Partners, the Open Data Program would not be as impactful as it is today.

Without Maxar as key partner providing satellite imagery, there would not be HOT as we know it.

—Cristiano Giovando
Technical Project Lead, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

This initiative underlines the trusted partnership between UNOOSA and Maxar in the area of geospatial information and analytics as the rapid availability of data is essential for a successful response to such a devastating event like the earthquake in Ecuador

Hurricane Dorian Damage Assessment

Collaborative crowdsourcing with OpenStreetMap to expedite recovery efforts in the Bahamas.

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Maxar Mapathon for Myanmar Flood Season

Helping the American Red Cross and Missing Maps Project create open data for improved flood response.

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