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Geospatial intelligence for critical context on changing ground conditions

satellite image of a port

Critical Insights Into Natural And Built Environments

Challenges like monitoring poverty, hunger and health; observing trends in education and gender equality; better understanding the effects of climate change; and protecting our environment are all critical to a sustainable future.

Maxar Intelligence’s foundational geospatial data can help map populations, homes, schools, vegetation, infrastructure, energy and more—providing critical context at local and national scale.

Agriculture and farming

Maxar helps agriculture-based organizations maximize yield with weather and geospatial data to detect variability in soil and crop conditions. We also provide valuable insights to predict fluctuations in agricultural markets. 

  • Advanced remote sensing 
  • Weather forecasts and insights  
  • Patterns of life and localized trends  
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Energy and natural resources

With multisource geospatial intelligence and machine learning tools, we help customers detect change and find new opportunities first. Maxar helps strengthen competitive advantages and inform energy trading and business decisions with the most up-to-date insight. 

  • Asset monitoring 
  • Sustainable development  
  • Digital transformation  
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Grounding knowledge and intuition in satellite-derived intelligence, Maxar delivers simplified datasets to help crews detect, monitor and navigate fishing grounds with near real-time ocean conditions—reducing risks and required resources. 

  • Sustainable fishing practices 
  • Monitoring suspicious activity 
  • Environmental protection 
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Maxar delivers advanced technology solutions to help partners monitor deforestation and logging activity at a nationwide scale, providing the resolution required to detect selective logging, clear cuts and forest degradation anywhere in the world. 

  • High-resolution remote sensing  
  • Reliable change detection  
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Global development

Maxar supports organizations working toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by providing accessible satellite imagery, geospatial information and analytics tools that foster collaboration and consistency at the national and local level. 

  • Disaster response and management  
  • Mapping poverty 
  • Vaccine distribution  
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Maxar’s geospatial intelligence helps mitigate risk for mining operations by providing clear insight on a variety of ongoing changes: monitoring elevation changes in an open pit mine, identifying environmental damage and other operational impacts.  

  • Exploration  
  • Sustainability and reclamation 
  • Remote life cycle monitoring 
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Relevant Products

Satellite imagery

Build reliable maps with foundational data. 

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Maxar® Geospatial Platform (MGP)

Stream and download the satellite imagery and information layers you need, when and where you need it.  

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Access high-resolution 3D and elevation models for a more complete picture of the situations that matter to your organization. 

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AI-enabled analytics

Combine high-resolution imagery with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to extract features and identify attributes—like building footprints and road furniture—at scale.  

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Open Data Program

Access pre- and post-event satellite imagery to support recovery efforts in the wake of large-scale emergencies. 

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See For Yourself

Experience the clarity and accuracy of the industry’s highest quality geospatial data. 

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