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Maxar Space Systems Solutions

Space communications and mesh networking

Maxar Space Systems is a leader in Ka, Ku, X, C, S and L-band satellite communications and is deploying advanced communications for V-band in volume. We also provide resilient, self-healing space mesh networking using optical intersatellite links and space-based Platform-as-a-Service software operating on constrained constellation nodes.

Secure processing

Multiagency satellite interoperability is a vital function for assured, resilient, low-latency connectivity in support of national security. With Maxar Space Systems, you can rely on secure, trusted multidomain collaborative operations across ground, cloud and space.

Spacecraft platforms

Maxar Space Systems offers modular, flexible and cost-effective satellite platforms in LEO, GEO, cislunar and deep space that enable missions from Earth observation to communications and satellite-based augmentation systems. Compatible modules across key satellite characteristics—including power, propulsion, pointing, orbit and mass—operate on a unified system that enables custom configuration and structure.

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