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Geodata for the future

The telecommunication industry's fifth-generation network (5G) will rely on high-frequency spectrum to deliver increased speeds and network capacity, a signal so sensitive it can be blocked by the palm of your hand. That makes things a lot more complicated. How do you design or optimize for 5G when obstructions are so influential on signal propagation? Modern planning requires advanced geodata derived from the most current, high-resolution satellite imagery.

How do you plan a large-scale network while keeping down costs for quality geodata?

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Exquisite details, lower costs

Details you need at a fraction of the cost, across the world: Maxar Intelligence’s patented, automated process creates 3D vectors wherever you need them.

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Massive scale, rapid deliveries

We provide a complete geodata solution that enables you to analyze urban, suburban and rural areas precisely and quickly.

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Reliable quality, global views

Based on high-resolution satellite imagery, our geodata is accurate and detailed and covers the world—pursue your strategy anywhere.

On time. In time.

The Precision3D Telco Suite is designed to help you prepare for your industry’s rapid changes. With more connected devices, high-definition content and new services, the demands on networks are accelerating and growing exponentially. The need to improve capacity, latency and coverage has led to network densification, where cell sites are added to handle these increasing loads. The Precision3D Telco Suite is a cost-effective, next-generation solution that helps you design your networks for optimal performance.

3D vectors and clutter heights

Use 3D vectors for buildings and vegetation, and 4D vectors for bridges. The building vectors capture multitiered buildings, including superstructures. Use the Digital Height Model to determine obstacle heights of buildings and vegetation.

Clutter classes

This raster data represents multiple elements—like vegetation, roads and buildings, all georeferenced.


True Ortho geodata is accurate, high-resolution orthoimagery—without parallax or occlusion.

Terrain data

Digital Terrain Model is a high-resolution bare earth raster dataset of Earth’s surface, devoid of vegetation and man-made structures.


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