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Maxar Intelligence’s Solutions In Action

 A Maxar satellite imaged a dark vessel engaged in fishing activity in the waters adjacent to the Ecuadorian exclusive economic zone in July 2020.

Maritime domain awareness

Maxar Intelligence’s Crow’s Nest Maritime Monitoring and Security product leverages space-based optical and radar imagery, advanced machine learning, automation and low-latency alerting to empower naval organizations around the world with deeper insights into vessel activity within their areas of interest.

Photo of a woman working at a computer in a high-tech setting.

Mission data processing

Maxar was selected to develop prototype mission data processing applications for the U.S. Space Force’s Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution Mission Data Processing program. Maxar’s prototype applications provide rapid mission data processing and dissemination services for overhead persistent infrared data from the Space-Based Infrared System satellites.

Photo of an F-22 Raptor fighter jet taxiing on a runway.

Cloud-based GEOINT

The ever-increasing volume of available information requires increased levels of automation for efficiency. Maxar’s Red Wing architecture, developed for the Air Force Research Laboratory, enables geospatial analysts to focus on addressing some of the most challenging intelligence problems by automating time-consuming workflows.

Photo of a man looking at a computer screen displaying map data.

Tactical direct downlink

The highly portable Maxar-built U.S. Army Remote Ground Terminal provides critical GEOINT to warfighters in remote locations.

Satellite image of London and the River Thames.

Superior Earth Intelligence and Mission Architecture

Our innovative solutions for complex downstream use cases directly support decision-makers and end users. Together, the many elements of Maxar can help defense and intelligence organizations meet their far-reaching modernization goals, maintain decision advantage, and rapidly identify and predict change.

Earth Intelligence Solutions

Artist’s depiction of four WorldView Legion satellites in orbit.

High-resolution commercial imagery

Maxar provides 90% of the commercial satellite imagery used to create foundation GEOINT for the U.S. government and 50 international governments.

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Screenshot of the secure web portal for Maxar’s Rapid Access Program

Rapid Access Program (RAP)

Maxar's RAP provides the highest commercially available collection priority, predictable access and virtual control of imaging operations to help you meet your mission requirements.

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Screenshot showing how Maxar can georegister full-motion video by overlaying it on a Precision3D foundation

The Globe in 3D

Maxar's Precision3D™ data and capabilities offer a foundation for military simulation and training in addition to a variety of tactical missions, such as navigation and mission planning. Transforming 2D satellite imagery into 3D provides more information to intelligence analysts and more geolocation accuracy to warfighters.

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Satellite image of the Severomorsk Naval Base, home of the Russian Northern Fleet, with identification boxes overlaid on the ships

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Maxar's DeepCore Suite is an end-to-end artificial intelligence and machine learning pipeline for self-service computer vision analytics.

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Screenshot visualizing the flight paths of aircraft around an airport

Augmented and virtual reality

Maxar's CityBox and WorldBox are turnkey geospatial big data visualization and analytics tools. These immersive solutions use geospatially enabled virtual and augmented reality to interactively display large volumes of data over a high-resolution Maxar 3D base layer.

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Precision3D digital surface model (DSM) of an urban area

Modeling and simulation

Maxar solutions allow analysts to generate physics-based metrics describing system performance, architecture analysis and collection satisfaction.

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