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Maintain a current view of your assets

Common Challenges

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Regulatory compliance

Energy companies must comply with strict environmental health and safety regulations at both the state and federal levels.

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Remote locations

Assets span regions or the globe in remote locations, making it difficult to monitor from the ground.

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Costly solutions

Monitoring assets with crews in the field is costly, difficult to scale, and introduces health and safety risks. 

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Risk monitoring

Environmental and man-made risks threaten safe and efficient operations.

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Optimize your needs

Maxar Intelligence provides a current view of conditions on the ground, without the expense and risk of sending teams to locations. Maxar’s enterprise offerings integrate seamlessly into leading oil and gas applications.

Maxar offerings

Spatial on Demand®

A plug-and-play enterprise solution of current Maxar imagery and data, curated third-party geospatial content and custom data hosting, streamed directly into your GIS applications.

Integrate data off-the-shelf


Prepare for and mitigate emerging risks with real-time global forecasting through web applications, information reports and data services. 

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Geospatial insights

Solve the most complex problems with custom data and services from our team of machine learning and geospatial experts.  

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Maxar® Geospatial Platform (MGP)

Access and download satellite imagery from Maxar’s 125+ petabyte archive and daily collections through MGP Pro.

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Imagery tasking

Task the Maxar constellation for custom satellite imagery collections to ensure imagery meets operational and regulatory requirements.

Imagery where you need it


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From site selection to ongoing operations, streamline your workflows with unprecedented currency, accuracy and scalability.

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