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As a partner to commercial businesses and government alike, Maxar Space Systems understands how to help our customers achieve their goals in space.

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Unlocking the promise of space to solve problems on Earth and beyond

Maxar Space Systems is a trusted partner in commercial and government missions, combining more than 60 years of deep mission understanding with reliable performance and longevity. Learn more about why we’re the leading choice for all types of space solutions.

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Returning to the moon with the Artemis program

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OA Intelsat satellite


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Delivering video distribution and connectivity services to broadband network, mobility and government customers

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The Maxar Space-built SXM-11 and SXM-12 satellites for SiriusXM as shown in an artist rendering.


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Extending the continuous and reliable delivery of audio entertainment content to millions of SiriusXM subscribers

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NOAA satellite


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Supporting critical weather missions with next-generation Earth observation satellites and solutions

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What clients say about us

Finding the right commercial partner to integrate our payload was of utmost importance to us, and Maxar’s strong legacy in bridging commercial and government needs made it the perfect candidate. 

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