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Bringing Speed, Agility and Insights to Geospatial Data

Agencies and departments have a huge problem in their isolated data structures including their geospatial data silos. Each group wanted its own repository with different access points, schema categorization and classification levels, and historically these have been very air-gapped between public and private sources.

The National System for Geospatial Intelligence has renewed its focus and mandates to harness the entire GEOINT community through an interactive sharing model of data. But how do we ensure all of that data is cleaned and ready for consumption?

Join Maxar's Todd Bacastow at this webinar to learn:

  • Strategies to provide a foundation for near real-time geospatial information clarity for your mission.
  • Proven tactics to improve the time-to-insights of location patterns and activities to ensure better decision-making.
  • How to utilize machine learning coupled with human expertise to save time and improve mission effectiveness.

January 19, 2021, 2 p.m. EST

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Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology

Maritime Security Agencies, Coast Guards, and Navies of the world are tasked with protecting their countries’ maritime interest and ensuring safe operations within their Areas of Responsibility.   

The broad area surveillance required to maintain situational awareness presents a massive challenge for even the world’s most capable agencies. Currently, land-based, aerial and most commercially available satellite-based offerings do not provide a comprehensive view of the maritime domain. 

Maxar will be presenting its Crow’s Nest Maritime Monitoring and Security (MMS) capabilities addressing specific maritime situational awareness and port monitoring customer needs through multi-sensor collection, fusing, and automated analysis providing actionable information and intelligence to counter threats and illicit activity.

February 3-4, 2021

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C2ISR Week

The desire for and use of accurate geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) has long been a priority for armed forces seeking military advantage. Technological change over recent years has rapidly advanced to provide for next generation of space-based capability that renders details at such a high resolution and high frequency that new potential can been unlocked. 

Join Maxar and leading military stakeholders in this discussion which aims to share information about how diverse organizations and nations are conducting GEOINT activity across the range of military and humanitarian operations, providing examples of what is possible using the latest generation of capabilities. 

The discussion will share the extent to which GEOINT is being utilized in contemporary missions and highlight the types of advantage and benefits that can be gained from further exploitation of GEOINT.

March 8-12, 2021

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Supercharging the Globe in 3D

By bringing together Maxar’s high-resolution satellites and 110-petabyte imagery archive with Vricon’s 3D capabilities, we can offer faster, scalable production with global availability.

Join Isaac Zaworski and Ryan Hamilton as they share the impact of this combination on current and future 3D offerings available only from Maxar. Learn how we will:

  • Provide an accurate foundational layer for all geospatial data
  • Fast-track the globe in 3D with WorldView Legion
  • Elevate our 3D products, with superior resolution and accuracy 

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