Product Licenses

This section contains Maxar’s Terms and Conditions and License Terms, which were previously available at

Contract Terms and Conditions

When you license products and services directly from a Maxar Affiliate, these Terms and Conditions will apply. These Terms and Conditions are referenced in your Order Confirmation and together with your Order Confirmation, these Terms and Conditions and the applicable End User License Terms (see below) describe how you can use our products and services.

Product Terms and Conditions

End User License Terms

These End User License Terms apply when our products and services are licensed directly from a Maxar Affiliate or through one of our authorized resellers. The license type that you purchase will be set forth in your Order Confirmation if you license products directly from a Maxar Affiliate, or set forth in your customer agreement or confirmation if you license products from an authorized reseller.

Evaluation License
Internal Use
Group License
SecureWatch® License
ARD License
Precision3D Internal Use License
WeatherDesk℠ License
Maxar NFT Terms of Use
SYNTH3D License
SYNTH3D Evaluation License
Internal Use (Software)
Subscription Services License
MGP Xpress License

Add-on Licenses

Display & Media License
FedGov License
Group Project License

Legacy Licenses

If you purchased one of the following legacy licenses, please contact Customer Support at to request a copy of the applicable terms:

  • EarthWatch License
  • Subscription Services License (Pre-2023)

Product Specifications

Product Specifications are available upon request by emailing:

Imagery products are orthorectified using an elevation model produced from third-party sources. Details available in the Imagery Orthorectification – DEM attribution document.