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Helping civil missions to support a better world and beyond

Making Space Accessible and Information Actionable

Whether exploring deep space, analyzing weather patterns or monitoring impacts from natural disasters, Maxar Space Systems' satellites provide agile, scalable and cost-effective solutions for any mission.

Maxar Space Systems' Solutions in Action

Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) 

Next-generation weather missions

Maxar Space Systems’ spacecraft are trusted by government customers for weather monitoring missions, enabling our partners to share accurate, timely, and trustworthy weather data.

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Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution with NASA (TEMPO)

Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution with NASA (TEMPO)

 NASA selected Maxar Space Systems to host its pollution monitoring sensor, TEMPO, on a commercial 1300 series satellite.

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Power and Propulsion Element

Power and Propulsion Element (PPE)

Maxar Space Systems is developing the Power and Propulsion Element (PPE) for NASA's Gateway, a lunar orbiting command module that will support human missions on the moon and set the stage for deep space exploration. As part of the Artemis program, PPE will be the highest-power electric propulsion spacecraft ever built.

Photo Credit: NASA

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Commercial Platforms for Science and Exploration

Sixty years of investment and flight heritage enable Maxar Space Systems to support science, research and communications missions as a trusted partner that provides advanced solutions to match timelines and budgets.

Space Infrastructure Solutions 

PPE-HALO On-orbit. Credit: NASA

Innovation in electric propulsion 

A pioneer in integrated propulsion systems, Maxar Space Systems has experience that exceeds 100,000 hours of active electric propulsion thruster operation across more than 30 spacecraft currently in orbit. Our platform designs provide for all-electric orbit raising, enabling maximum operational lifetimes. And as a leader in chemical bipropellant systems, Maxar Space Systems can customize propulsion based on customer needs for life span, timeline to orbit, mission, agility and payload mass.

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Cutting-edge robotics 

Cutting-edge robotics 

Maxar Space Systems leverages more than 30 years of space robotics heritage to deliver cutting-edge, agile systems. We offer multiple-axis robotics with functional redundancy, precise pointing accuracy, high torque, fine absolute position sensing and the ability to withstand extreme space environments.

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TEMPO in Palo Alto facility

Cost-sharing with hosted payloads

Hosting payloads on commercial satellites can help federal agencies gain access to space for scientific instruments, sensors and other small missions without the cost of building a dedicated spacecraft or procuring launch vehicle services.  

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Mars Perseverance Rover

Explore Space 

Travel from Earth to the moon, Mars and beyond with Maxar Space Systems. This interactive journey highlights our heritage and future missions.

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