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Tropical Storm Megi

Tropical storm Megi made landfall in the Philippines on April 10, 2022, with sustained winds of up to 40 miles (65 km) per hour. Megi is the first storm to hit the Philippines this year, and the Philippines archipelago can be hit by 20 or more severe storms each year. More than 30 people have died due to landslides and severe flooding. The villages around Baybay City in central Leyte province were hard hit as was the village of Pilar in Cebu province, where government officials estimate 80 percent of the houses had been washed out to sea. More than 100,000 people in the southern and eastern Philippines islands have been affected by the storm.

Analysis-Ready Data (ARD)

Analysis-Ready Data (ARD) is Maxar's subscription service providing users access to time-series stacks of imagery with specific preprocessing (atmospheric compensation, radiometric correction, orthorectification and alignment) to minimize the work and time required to derive answers from pixels. Learn more about ARD here.