Maxar unlocks the promise of space to help governments and businesses solve problems on Earth and beyond, partnering with innovative businesses and more than 50 governments to monitor global changes, deliver broadband communication and advance space operations. Our technology in Earth intelligence and space infrastructure helps people live more safely and operate more efficiently. From protecting troops, to connecting to the internet, tracking climate change and supporting breaking news with satellite imagery, we are working every day to make a better world.

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Earth Intelligence Design and Innovation

Maxar is a world-leading commercial supplier of electro-optical satellite imagery and derived products. Maxar serves the daily imagery needs of hundreds of customers around the globe. 

A central pillar of our customer value proposition is the quality of our products, notably high native geospatial resolution, accurate georegistration of imagery, spectral richness, and short delivery timelines. These are the attributes that matter to our customers, and all have been showcased in our support of the U.S. government and its allies leading up to and following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These attributes are also the foundation for our industry-leading suite of geospatial products. These products include imagery basemaps in our Vivid product line, 3D digital elevation data in our Precision3D product line, on-demand services such as SecureWatch, and novel tasking and delivery solutions like our Direct Access and Rapid Access products. Our WorldView Legion satellites will extend this lead by tripling our daily volume of 30 cm class high-resolution, high-accuracy satellite imagery for our products. 

Space Infrastructure Design and Innovation

Maxar has decades of experience designing, manufacturing and operating communication, exploration and Earth observation stations. 

This work—all needed to support a multitude of important causes—is an extremely demanding enterprise. To succeed, Maxar has built a team of professionals with the expertise, experience and focus to innovate and solve the challenges and untapped opportunities facing our customers. Building on a long track record, we are continually improving performance, shortening schedules and lowering costs ensuring we remain highly competitive in the global market and well-positioned to help our customers make the world a better place. 

We offer a wide range of satellite products that have incorporated continuous innovation and improvement in design, quality and performance.