Maxar is deeply committed to the responsible management of the impacts of our business on natural resources, the environment and space. We comply with environmental regulations, and we work hard to continually produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, use less water and waste fewer resources across our operations. Maxar also produces products that help customers and partners deliver on their own environmental management goals.

Climate Change

Maxar recognizes that the risks of climate change are serious. We take care to reduce our own impact on the environment and operate in a manner that delivers on the needs of today’s society without compromising the needs of future generations. As part of that effort, we strive to produce fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our operations.

We cultivate and support a risk-based mindset across the organization by fostering and supporting a robust risk culture at all levels of the organization. This enables us to achieve business objectives in a manner that balances risk and opportunity considerations. We pragmatically evaluate the physical and transitional risks of climate change. Our goal is to ensure that important business processes are not interrupted or only interrupted temporarily, even in critical situations.

Resource Management

We responsibly manage the impacts of our business on natural resources and the environment. We take actions to improve energy efficiency, conserve water and reduce waste across our operations. Our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy reflects our commitment to being a good steward of the environment.

Our Facilities Team promotes responsible environmental practices through equipment and site management at our office locations. We have ongoing programs to upgrade less-efficient heating and cooling equipment, power systems and lighting infrastructure. For example, we take steps to optimize the electrical load at data centers, upgrade or retrofit HVAC systems, and replace conventional lighting systems with LED lighting. Maxar pursues energy management strategies in our manufacturing facilities, office buildings and data centers to increase efficiency and reduce our energy usage. Our electricity and natural gas use has decreased year over year due to facility consolidations, equipment upgrades, and moving our data and computing to the cloud.

Maxar expects our suppliers to also operate in a manner that actively manages risk, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution and protects the environment. We seek to partner with suppliers that establish a systematic approach to managing environmental risks and pursue opportunities for business growth through operational and product stewardship.