3D built for metaverse applications

Digital twin of Earth


Developed through a partnership between Maxar and, SYNTH3D provides a high-performance, geotypical representation of the entire planet for gaming, entertainment, virtual reality and metaverse applications.

3D built for emerging applications

Digital twins

Simulate, visualize and model scenarios with a photorealistic global foundation.

Video games

Leverage 3D geotypical architecture or landscapes as the basis for game development.

Media and entertainment

Integrate 3D models as production assets for scenes or virtual backdrops, and scout new locations.

Safety and training

Plan and prepare for humanitarian relief efforts, smart cities applications and public safety situations.

High performance and aesthetics

Detected buildings

SYNTH3D contains the most current building vector database and vegetation coverage map, including semantic metadata, extracted with patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Maxar’s Vivid™ satellite imagery basemaps.

Region-specific architecture

Detected buildings are turned into lifelike, regional building architecture with realistic textures. Specific buildings may look different in the real world, but the overall appearance of every region and city reflects reality.

Ready for virtual simulation

Semantic information, metadata and material attributes for all objects are embedded—making it ready for simulation applications.


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What will you build?

Explore the possibilities of Earth as your sandbox for diverse applications limited only by your imagination.

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