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Trusted, rapid and precise geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) for confident decision-making is essential to meet new threats, respond to adversaries and react to global change. 


High-resolution commercial satellite imagery

Maxar continues its trusted partnership with the National Reconnaissance Office to enable U.S. government users to make confident and informed decisions using reliable high-resolution commercial satellite imagery for ongoing mission-critical support. 

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NGA’s open mapping platform

The National System for Geospatial Intelligence Open Mapping Enclave (NOME) platform enables a community of vetted U.S. government users to create and update geospatial features in a crowdsourced “living map.” NOME was initially developed to support NGA’s foundation mapping mission, but the platform emerged as a powerful tool to perform unclassified mission support remotely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Big data analytics

In partnership with NGA, Maxar develops and operates a mission-critical analytic system relied on by thousands of U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and IC users. This system leverages geospatial tools to manage and exploit hundreds of data feeds, reducing analysis time from hours to minutes.

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Insight from space

Maxar imagery provides insight not only for DOD and IC customers but also to major news outlets seeking ground truth in dangerous or hard-to-reach locations. For example, in April 2021, The Wall Street Journal used Maxar’s high-resolution satellite imagery to inform its reporting on Russia’s expanding buildup of combat aircraft and other military equipment along the Ukraine border.

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Superior earth intelligence for decision-making

With a deep understanding of U.S. intelligence community (IC) missions, Maxar has been a trusted partner for more than 20 years. We provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions supporting decision-makers and end users, empowering the IC to better monitor, understand and respond to global changes, deter threats and ensure global security.

Accelerating mapping and analytics

Maxar delivers expedited high-resolution satellite imagery and derived data for accurate foundation mapping and advanced analytics that can answer complex questions at scale—anywhere in the world. 

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Access to high-resolution commercial imagery

Maxar’s Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery (G-EGD) program enables the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to provide U.S. government users with online and offline, on-demand access to the world’s highest resolution commercial imagery. With over 1 million sq km of new imagery uploaded each day, users have access to current imagery as well as more than 6 billion sq km of archived imagery for time-sensitive, mission-critical planning and operations.

If you support a government mission, you may be authorized to access G-EGD. Connect with your government point of contact to determine eligibility.

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Foundational mapping

Maxar provides valuable Earth Intelligence by combining multisource data and machine learning to power derived products and analytics for foundational data, operational planning, navigation and humanitarian response. GIS data-ready layers provide context at scale so analysts can accelerate time to mission by deriving actionable information for informed decisions. 

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The Globe in 3D

Maxar is a global leader in 3D data for GEOINT, offering 3 m absolute accuracy. Our 3D Data Suite offers a foundation for strategic intelligence, defense and humanitarian missions. This capability provides more information to intelligence analysts and more geolocation accuracy to support policymakers, warfighters and first responders.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Maxar's DeepCore Suite is an end-to-end artificial intelligence and machine learning pipeline for self-service computer vision analytics. The DeepCore system is key in mapping and analytic workflows, reducing time to mission and allowing analysts to focus on the “why” rather than data collection and validation.  

Advanced analytics

Collection and access to exponential amounts of geospatial data have intelligence agencies struggling to extract and apply meaningful insights. With expertise in multisource geospatial content, Maxar has developed leading-edge analytics fueled by machine learning to reveal useful patterns in large datasets—helping customers preserve resources while increasing scale and speed.

Geospatial services

With geospatial expertise, global-scale data and commercial applicability, Maxar leverages disruptive technologies and tools to provide decision advantage. Our experts create innovation-forward solutions across the GEOINT life cycle. 


Explore the strength of Maxar’s combined offerings for next-gen missions through interactive graphics, service-specific downloads and more.  

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