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The strength of combined offerings for next-gen missions

Powering multidomain, multiforce operations

The tactical space layer and downstream technologies that enable rapid, confident decision-making from space-based information will be increasingly important in the joint operational environment of the future.


One World Terrain

Maxar is the prime contractor for the U.S. Army’s One World Terrain (OWT) program, which delivers 3D terrain and information services that support a fully accessible virtual representation of Earth through the U.S. Army network.

Mission data processing

Maxar was selected in 2020 to develop prototype mission data processing applications for the U.S. Space Force’s Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution Mission Data Processing (FORGE MDP) program. Maxar’s prototype applications provide rapid mission data processing and dissemination services for overhead persistent infrared data from the Space-Based Infrared System satellites.

Cloud-based GEOINT

Maxar’s Red Wing architecture, developed for the Air Force Research Laboratory, enables geospatial analysts to focus on addressing some of the most challenging intelligence problems by automating time-consuming workflows.

Tactical imagery access

The highly portable Maxar-built U.S. Army Remote Ground Terminal (RGT) provides critical GEOINT to warfighters in remote locations.

Superior Earth intelligence and mission architecture

Maxar enables the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and its allies to better monitor, understand and respond to global events, deter threats and ensure global security. Together, the many elements of Maxar can help the DOD meet its far-reaching modernization goals, maintain decision advantage, and rapidly identify and predict change.


High-resolution commercial imagery

Maxar provides 90% of the commercial satellite imagery used to create foundation geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) for the U.S. government.  With the launch of Maxar’s next-generation WorldView Legion™ satellites, our high-performance constellation will offer global revisit rates up to 15 times per day in addition to increased direct tasking opportunities and even more imagery at 30 cm class resolution.

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Tactical Access Program

Rapidly produce, analyze and disseminate commercial data to support military, humanitarian and disaster relief missions. Maxar's mobile access terminals provide real-time, in-theater connection to satellite data and image processing—even in disconnected environments. 

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The Globe in 3D

Transforming 2D satellite imagery into 3D provides more information to intelligence analysts and more geolocation accuracy to warfighters. Maxar's 3D data and capabilities offer a foundation for military simulation and training in addition to a variety of tactical missions, and our Precision 3D Registration software automatically georegisters imagery to any spot on the globe. 

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Process multisource imagery to detect objects, identify patterns of life or generate targeting data with Maxar's DeepCore, an end-to-end artificial intelligence and machine learning pipeline for self-service computer vision analytics. 

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Augmented and virtual reality

Leverage geospatially enabled virtual and augmented reality to interactively display large volumes of data over a high-resolution 3D base layer. Maxar's CityBox and WorldBox offer solutions for immersive, turnkey geospatial big data visualization and analytics.  

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Modeling and simulation

Generate physics-based metrics describing system performance, architecture analysis and collection satisfaction with Maxar’s BlueSim. With Maxar's BlueGround, optimize data with the rapid production of custom cloud-ready applications for GEOINT collection requirements management, collection feasibility and multivehicle scheduling. 

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Space communications and mesh networking

Maxar is a leader in Ka, Ku, X, C, S and L-band satellite communications and is deploying advanced communications for V-band in volume. We also provide resilient, self-healing space mesh networking using optical intersatellite links and space-based Platform-as-a-Service software operating on constrained constellation nodes.

Secure processing

Multiagency satellite interoperability is a vital function for assured, resilient, low-latency connectivity in support of national security. With Maxar, rely on secure, trusted multidomain collaborative operations across ground, cloud and space.

Spacecraft platforms

Maxar offers modular, flexible and cost-effective satellite platforms in LEO, GEO, cislunar and deep space that enable missions from Earth observation to communications and satellite-based augmentation systems. Compatible modules across key satellite characteristics—including power, propulsion, pointing, orbit and mass—operate on a unified system that enables custom configuration and structure.  

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