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A digital twin of Earth for immersive worlds

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A Realistic World Of Possibilities

Extended reality (XR) applications allow people to see, experience and interact in real-world environments in ways that were previously impossible. Taking a virtual field trip around the world with friends or exploring a new neighborhood. Until now, these environments had to be built from scratch by development teams who invest hundreds or thousands of hours manually replicating the desired location. 

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Film anywhere. Play anywhere. Simulate anywhere.

Fueled by our world-class constellation of satellites and leveraging artificial intelligence, Maxar provides a realistic 3D digital twin of the entire globe for simulation, animation, visualization and immersive environments. Our real-world data gives content creators a head start, empowering them to unleash their imagination and focus on providing unique and dynamic experiences while keeping production costs down. 

Create hyper-realistic worlds

From flight simulations that span the entire globe to city-scale virtual experiences that reflect the actual location, Maxar’s digital twins of Earth provide a ready-to-use foundation for game development. Stream it through your preferred platform straight to your game or use it as a canvas to expedite creating your own imaginary worlds.

Anchor XR experiences to exact coordinates

As consumers embrace immersive, lifelike experiences in their everyday lives, augmented reality (AR) applications that reflect the physical location of the user continue to become more popular. To properly anchor AR interactions at the right place and at the right time, a precise geospatial foundation of the real world is needed. Maxar provides accurate 2D and 3D reference maps that satisfy the most demanding location requirements.

Manipulate simulation-ready cityscapes

Our 3D mesh provides the perfect canvas to implement visual effects, 3D animation and simulation. Incorporate hyper-realistic terrains within your film to provide an environment that doesn’t just mimic reality, it simply is. Start your project with our accurate models and watch your simulations come to life.

Take your film production virtual

With a current view of the entire globe from their desks, entertainment companies can find suitable filming locations and determine feasibility, expediting production and saving resources while reducing their carbon footprint.

Using our digital twins on state-of-the-art LED stages, studios can virtually produce scenes behind actors without moving production to multiple locations.

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What Will You Build?

Explore the possibilities of Earth as your sandbox for diverse applications limited only by your imagination.

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