WorldView Legion

Our next-generation constellation

Changing the way we understand change

Businesses and governments increasingly have a critical need for Earth intelligence to understand our rapidly changing world. The valuable insights gained from more high-resolution imagery over active areas will help further shape the way we plan for the future and ensure our security today.

Expanding Maxar leadership in Earth intelligence

WorldView Legion is the next evolution in Maxar WorldView satellite technology and will usher in a new era in Earth intelligence. In 2021, the first block of our new WorldView Legion constellation will launch with six high-performance satellites that will dramatically expand our capacity over high-interest areas—delivering continuity for existing customers and multiplying our revisit.

The addition of WorldView Legion:

  • Increases Maxar's revisit over high-interest, middle latitude areas up to 15 times per day
  • Triples our capacity to collect 30 cm imagery
  • Triples coverage over high-demand areas

Clarity and currency for superior context

This wave of fresh, detailed content will redefine how we support mapping and monitoring applications as well as enable significantly more accurate, comprehensive, and timely pattern-of-life and human geography analysis. Combining this data with the most advanced geospatial analytics and expertise will equip customers with insights and answers for a competitive edge across diverse applications.

  • National security
  • Military operations
  • Vehicle navigation
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Disaster response

Building on our legacy

Maxar owns and operates the most sophisticated Earth-imaging constellation on-orbit, which provides the highest commercially available resolution and accuracy. With the addition of WorldView Legion, Maxar will offer the most available capacity over high-interest areas from sunup to sundown.

Trusted mission partner

Our unique approach combines decades of mission expertise with a proven foundation of defense, intelligence, and commercial technology to deploy solutions and deliver insights with unrivaled speed, scale, and cost-effectiveness. Many of the leading technology companies and more than 50 governments trust Maxar as a mission partner for indispensable Earth intelligence to advance their mapping and monitoring operations.

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Supporting critical missions

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Commercial innovation

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Find out more about WorldView Legion

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