What does it take to make worldview Legion?

Having near-immediate access to a world of information has transformed life on Earth.

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As a trusted mission partner, Maxar is building something unprecedented—a new generation of satellites made to image the Earth’s most active areas more frequently, and at a higher resolution, than ever before. That’s WorldView Legion.


Start with a legacy of success in commercial space.

Created by Maxar for Maxar and our customers, WorldView Legion is rooted in our legacy of leadership in space technology and longstanding partnerships with government and commercial space programs.

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Clean room

Leverage expertise in engineering and manufacturing.

WorldView Legion brings geospatial data requirements to the clean room. Its features are informed by decades of experience serving Earth observation and defense and intelligence missions with Maxar’s existing WorldView constellation and translating geospatial intelligence requirements into space/sensor systems.


Work with proven technology to create a flexible design.

WorldView Legion features significant improvements in size, weight and power for maximum cost-efficiency.

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Build innovative collection planning strategies.

Maxar optimizes image collection plans for customer missions, enabled by modeling that only 20+ years of experience can inform. 

WorldView Legion is agile and flexible—making it ideal for monitoring missions needing point collects and mapping missions that require large area collects—and compatible with our ever-improving global infrastructure, giving our mission partners ultimate control and rapid data delivery.

WorldView Legion includes the first Maxar satellites to be flown in the AWS cloud—a transformation for satellite operations.


Create accurate, high-resolution pictures of ground conditions.

Equipped with high-performing sensors, developed with longtime partner Raytheon, that will capture 30 cm class resolution for record clarity and a view of change in fine detail.

monitor key areas

Persistently monitor key areas for near real-time information.

  • Up to 15 revisits per day for persistent monitoring at scale
  • Collecting more than 5 million sq km per day, with a focus over the most dynamic areas of the globe

Use this to detect and analyze change quickly and precisely.

High-quality data, over the world’s most active areas, fuels:

Earth Intelligence

For reliable Earth Intelligence

From automated feature extraction to rapid mapping and 3D modeling, WorldView Legion will make global transparency more accessible—at unprecedented speed, quality and scale.


The result?

Reliable insight for confident decision-making, provided faster and with more cost-efficient space infrastructure than ever before.

That’s the next era in Earth Intelligence. And that’s the promise of WorldView Legion.


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