WorldView Legion

The next era in Earth Intelligence begins at launch

Because it takes a Legion

Our next-generation Earth imaging satellites will change everything. We're not just launching more satellites. We will deploy a legion, WorldView Legion™, providing unprecedented visibility into our changing planet to solve the biggest challenges facing our world today.

Remote sensing breakthroughs

WorldView Legion™ will enable Maxar to deliver unprecedented performance and value with:

Stats image

Up to 15

revisits per day

30 cm class


<1.5 m RMSE


5M sq km

Collected each day

Record capacity and daily revisits

With the addition of WorldView Legion™, Maxar capacity will redefine what’s possible by enabling significantly more accurate, comprehensive, and timely pattern-of-life and human geography analysis.

WorldView Legion™ will transform critical Earth intelligence applications

Remote Monitoring

WorldView Legion™ offers more frequent monitoring for enhanced support of emergency response, maritime surveillance, infrastructure and other remote monitoring needs.

WorldView Legion™ will provide coverage from sunup to sundown and reduce the windows between collects, allowing for more persistent monitoring of critical AOIs.

Accurate Mapping

WorldView Legion's high-frequency collection of exquisite imagery powers significantly more accurate, comprehensive and timely mapping for a clearer understanding of on-ground conditions—globally.

Analytics at scale

Combining the most advanced geospatial analytics and expertise available with a continuous feed of current imagery, will equip customers with unrivaled insights and answers for a competitive edge.

The revisit rate of WorldView Legion™ enables more real-time, actionable analysis to deliver insights into rapid change faster (timeliness that you can act on).

The Earth in 3D

The best 3D models of the planet will be fueled by WorldView Legion™.

With increased capacity and revisit, Maxar will be able to more quickly and accurately generate a 3D skin of the Earth and regenerate that skin at the speed of change.



Why WorldView Legion™

There are a lot of options when building an Earth observation constellation. See what criteria we evaluated when designing WorldView Legion™.

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Sohae Launch

Supporting critical missions

WorldView Legion™ will have a significant impact on national security objectives, better informing an array of missions.

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Sharp focus

Sharp focus

Next-gen imaging instruments to power WorldView Legion™ satellites.

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