Precision Mapping

GIS-Ready Datasets

GIS-ready information layers

The valuable and actionable information derived from satellite imagery can provide much-needed context at scale. Maxar mapping data products are useful for applications that go beyond pixels, like wireless network planning, emergency response and energy operations.


Our Advanced Elevation Suite offers the highest-quality custom-built or off-the-shelf digital elevation models (DEMs). With global coverage and options for accuracy and resolution, our GIS-ready models let you focus on analysis instead of processing.

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Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM™) is an image-based change detection data layer that uses patented Maxar scale-and sensor-independent algorithms to draw immediate attention to areas of new construction and other activity.

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Human Landscape

Human Landscape is a foundational human geography dataset that provides rich attribution and metadata at a countrywide scale. Each dataset comprises 60+ individual data layers across 13 standard human geography themes—reducing operating costs and accelerating time-to-action for complex missions.

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BaseVue LULC

BaseVue is a standard global land cover dataset. Derived from Landsat imagery, BaseVue applies multi-temporal, semi-automated classification to map land use land cover (LULC) at a resolution of 30 meters—a cost-effective solution fit for large-scale environmental applications. 

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