Maxar 1300 series

The world’s most trusted commercial spacecraft platform

60 Years of Industry Leading Innovation

Since 1989, Maxar’s 1300™ series bus has been serving governments and businesses as the most popular communications satellite platform. Today, there are over 90 1300 series spacecraft on orbit. Designed as a geostationary (GEO) communications and remote sensing platform, the 1300 series features a modular panel construction that enables straightforward and flexible spacecraft tailoring.


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Key platform features


  • Scalable lightweight and high-strength structure
  • Fuel-efficient attitude and station-keeping subsystems
  • High-efficiency and reliable solar arrays and batteries
  • Advanced command and control subsystems


Reliable performance and longevity

Maxar has built and launched more than 285 satellites with a combined 2,750 years of on-orbit service, and have over 90 1300 series satellites currently operating on orbit—more than any other satellite manufacturer. 

Flexibility across a variety of missions

Nusantara Satu

As Indonesia’s first high-throughput satellite, Nusantara Satu is a vital broadband link for remote islands and villages to connect with the world.


This NASA mission will refuel a government-owned satellite in low Earth orbit and demonstrate crosscutting technologies for future space missions.

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Power and Propulsion Element

Maxar’s Power and Propulsion Element will provide power, maneuvering, attitude control, communications systems and initial docking capabilities for the NASA-led Gateway as part of the Artemis program.

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Using Maxar’s next-generation Solar Electric Propulsion system, NASA’s Psyche mission will explore a deep space asteroid made of metal, offering insight into how our planet was formed.
[Image: JPL/NASA]


SiriusXM’s SXM-8 is the ninth high-powered, digital, audio radio satellite built by Maxar for SiriusXM. 

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Star One D2

Star One D2, built on Maxar’s proven 1300 series platform, is the third satellite the company has built for Embratel over the past decade. 

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