Human Landscape

Identify and analyze key human dynamics to enhance situational awareness

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Country-scale Human Landscape datasets reveal important demographic insights for a more complete perspective – enabling more effective responses that reduce operating costs and accelerate action.  

Reliable data

1000+ data sources across 8 core themes are validated by Maxar satellite imagery

Comprehensive intelligence

Country-scale data sets, with 60+ data layers per country

Tailored support

Custom reports, analytics support or explore our GIS analysis training programs available

The Human Landscape difference

Human Landscape is designed to help bridge the gap between geospatial and sociocultural analysis by providing country-level foundational data organized around 8 common human geography themes.

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Data is vetted against multiple sources using machine learning or crowdsourcing

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Actionable insights

Analysis-ready data with fully populated attribution and clear meta-data fields.



Delivered in ready-to-use, easy to navigate formats


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Enrich your situational awareness with Human Landscape

Explore how Human Landscape can help your organization be more strategic and efficient with resources.

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