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Task our geospatial services team—more than 1,000 aerospace engineers, geospatial analysts, software developers, data scientists and DevOps engineers—to solve your most complex challenges. We provide multi-source data collection, enrichment and analysis to deliver the comprehensive Earth intelligence each customer mission demands.

Build the best system for your mission

We’re witnessing an explosion in geospatial data collection from a massive range of sensors. Our team starts at the source to orchestrate multisource collection, then manages source data to make it easily discoverable and accessible.

Harnessing the disruptive potential of global Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems and missions creates massive opportunities to see, understand and anticipate change at a global scale.

Sensor Modeling & Systems Engineering & Prototyping

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Constellation Modeling & Mission Management

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GEOINT Processing, Cataloging, Discovery, & Access

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From data to trusted Earth intelligence

Maxar transforms source data into trusted information. By developing and applying advancements in image processing, automation and crowdsourcing we enrich raw, incomplete or disparate data into trusted, actionable intelligence.

Continual change detection and monitoring keeps our information up-to-date to support mission needs at scale.

Sensor Data Enrichment

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Automated Feature Extraction & Object Detection

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Foundational GEOINT Production

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Insights for emerging mission challenges

Maxar leverages advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics to reveal meaningful patterns in massive amounts of data. Our established tradecraft helps analysts confidently contribute new insights to known and emerging mission challenges.

Interactive Mission Planning

Geospatial Data Visualization

Predictive Analytics

Advanced Tradecraft and Agile Intelligence

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