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From naturally-occurring phenomena to manmade events, the world lives in a constant state of change. GeoHIVE® enables organizations, small and large, to identify and verify change at scale quickly with advanced machine learning and geospatial experts.

GeoHIVE® crowdsourcing

Our Geospatial Human Imagery Verification Effort (GeoHIVE®) enables analysts and developers interact with a vetted crowd of online users to validate, discover or annotate features of interest in satellite imagery—delivering rapid situational awareness and reduced time to action.

Custom insights for efficient and effective outcomes

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Dataset creation

Leverage our capabilities to quickly generate data over a large area of interest—including points of interest, bounding boxes and semantic segmentations—with the highest spatial accuracy and confidence.

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Data validation

We combine crowdsourcing and machine learning to validate and enrich massive amounts of distributed data. Our models help eliminate unnecessary work from the crowd, saving you time and money.

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Training datasets

High-quality training data is essential in producing accurate and effective machine learning algorithms. GeoHIVE® can produce spatiotemporal datasets to optimize your existing machine learning models.

Join our crowd

GeoHIVE® hosts campaigns on a website where members of the crowd answer simple questions about a satellite image, tag a feature of interest or draw a bounding box around a feature of interest.


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Put the crowd to work

Having the right solution for your mission, team and budget makes all the difference. Discover how your organization can leverage the power of GeoHIVE® to expedite analysis.

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