BaseVue LULC

A global view of the current landscape

Build your foundation

Derived from Landsat satellite imagery, BaseVue is the global standard in land use/land cover (LULC). Whether managing natural resources, monitoring the impacts of environmental policies or responding to environmental disasters, BaseVue provides accurate, foundational LULC data at scale.

Understand the story on the ground

BaseVue is the most up-to-date, consistently prepared global LULC product at 30 m resolution utilizing multi-temporal, semi-automated classification.

  • Globally cloud-free
  • 14 classes  
  • Wide area coverage  

Accuracy at scale

Gain a consistent view of land classification for managing the resources you care about – at 30 m resolution.

Refine attribution

With our 14 class global LULC dataset (including urban density, forestry and agriculture) you can better understand what land is being used for in your area of interest.

Monitor and plan

Perform land cover inventories and ensure sustainable use of resources and responsible development.


Data sheets

See BaseVue LULC in action

Get a closer look at ground conditions with the most accurate, consistent global land classification tool.

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