Stay focused on what’s important and changing

Cut through the noise

AWave provides near-real-time multisource monitoring of the physical world for the non-technical user. Subscribe to receive alerts and notifications over your area of interest for increased situational awareness on changing ground conditions.

Build rich context remotely

Understand what’s happening on the ground by focusing on the events that will impact your operations.

Change data

View multiple sensors for more context, including SAR, Earth observation, OpenStreetMap and more.

Human activity

Access data from IoT sensors that give you the most accurate view of human activity.  

Event alerts

Get geographically-referenced notifications of change for areas you oversee.

Benefits of Maxar AWave


Monitor large areas of infrastructure


Access easy to understand data and analytics


Get consistent alerts to stay up to date on the situation


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Fill in the gaps

See how AWave can help you cut through the noise to gain clarity on what’s happening in your area of interest.   

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