Analysis-Ready Data

Align your data with your mission

Set standards, high confidence

Skip straight to analysis with Maxar’s analysis-ready data (ARD). ARD is preprocessed time-series stacks of imagery that are aligned and produced at a set standard. Aligned image stacks from ARD provide increased usable content via localized metadata, more accurate feature extraction, faster processing, lower storage costs and homogenized inputs for analytic workflows.

Imagery on your terms

ARD puts the user in control. The API offers customized imagery search and on-demand ordering with direct delivery to your AWS compute environment.

Reliable data for meaningful detection

Feature extraction

Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract roads, parcels and buildings as well as identify land use and vegetation at scale.  

Object detection

Create a localized detection model and deploy it as new imagery is collected to determine changes in your AOI. 

Change detection

Accelerate your change detection workflows with aligned and consistent time-series imagery. 

Global mapping

Update your organization’s maps, develop a continentwide land use/land cover model, and run each year to detect changes. 

Global coverage

With few geographical restrictions, you can define your area of interest.   

Premium imagery

Access Maxar’s entire 110+ petabyte library of highest quality satellite imagery.

On-demand ordering

Leverage API access points to order time-series stacks of imagery based on your specific AOI.

Subscription access

With subscription access to your AOIs, order only the imagery you need and iterate on your order until it is complete, without affecting your data allocation. 

Discover what you can do with ARD

Explore how your organization can leverage the power of ARD to expedite analysis. 


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