Solution Integrators


  • One discreet set of imagery used to create one product sold to one customer
  • Customer specific imagery for customer specific reports
  • Online service needs to show imagery/vector map as a backdrop to data layered on top
  • Run algorithms on imagery to produce reports for customers.

Solutions Integrator Partners qualifications:

  • Have a unique understanding of customer needs and how Maxar products can integrate into a final solution
  • Use Maxar data to create solutions or derivative products based on customer needs
  • Able to identify use rights needed by the end customer to facilitate relevant licensing terms
  • Commit to minimum annual data license fee plus royalty

Maxar Solutions Integrator partner benefits

  • Leverage your expertise plus the highest quality data to create solutions for end customers
  • Royalty-based business terms aligned with your business model

Criteria and considerations

  • Markets: Target markets must align with Maxar’s strategic direction
  • Financial: Commit to minimum annual financial thresholds
  • Technology: Candidates are required to provide an overview of their solution and processes
  • Customer base: Provide an overview of the addressable market 
  • Product requirements: Identify what Maxar products are required