Become a Partner

Working together ‘for a better world’

Partner with Maxar

Maxar resellers are a network of channel partners that specialize in many types of geospatial industries and applications that help customers effectively meet business needs. You can purchase Maxar imagery products and services from these industry experts, who are part of the Maxar sales force.

Reseller Qualifications

  • Sell Maxar data as-is or with additional processing, customization or services to end users
  • Have a defined geographic territory and/or market
  • Provide value-added services
  • Have local expertise and knowledge
  • Certified on Maxar products

Why become a Maxar Reseller

  • Global sales and marketing exposure
  • Support for resale of partner derivative products
  • Lower and more flexible imagery costs
  • Technical sales experts to augment selling efforts
  • Comprehensive marketing programs to drive demand and enable sellers

Resellers will be evaluated on the following criteria

  • Financial: strong revenue growth and previous year’s profits
  • Sales: well trained and certified sales force
  • Product: compatible/complimentary products/services solutions
  • Management: Solid business plan and clear strategic direction
  • Willingness to invest: in training, marketing, business planning, and data sharing to enable a successful partnership