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Satellite photos show trucks leaving Gaza after dropping off aid, with more lined up at border crossing


October 21, 2023


Satellite imagery shows transformed Las Vegas in prep for chilly Formula One race this weekend

Fox Weather

November 17, 2023


Shocking before and after photos show utter devastation caused by lethal explosion at warehouse near Uzbekistan's Tashkent airport

Daily Mail

September 28, 2023


Stunning satellite images show the damage to Acapulco from Category 5 Hurricane Otis

Los Angeles Times

October 31, 2023


Aviation Week 2022 Laureate Award Winner

Aviation Week recognized Maxar as a 2022 Laureate Award Winner in the Space category for the company’s contributions to sharing data to assist Ukraine and reveal war crimes and human rights violations.

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Maxar’s News Bureau contributed imagery and analysis to these award-winning reports. 

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The Maxar News Bureau is a partnership program with trusted and respected media organizations that leverages technology for social good and global transparency. Maxar Technologies provides electro-optical and radar satellite imagery, analytics and expertise that are powerful complements to good journalism, providing indisputable truth at a time when credibility is critical.

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