Solutions for the U.S. Government

Accelerating U.S. GEOINT and space leadership


Agencies across the U.S. government rely on Maxar Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure capabilities to better monitor, understand and respond to global changes. 

Earth Intelligence

Maxar delivers timely, comprehensive and secure commercial geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) solutions that inform critical decisions and enrich classified resources across the U.S government. 

Space Infrastructure

From space exploration to remote sensing and secure communications, agencies consistently turn to Maxar for proven expertise and ingenuity in systems engineering, spacecraft design and manufacturing, assembly integration and testing. 

The Premier Earth Imaging Constellation

Gain immediate web-based access to the highest-quality commercial satellite imagery and on-demand automated analytics. Exclusively available to U.S. government personnel only.

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Actionable Map Data

The valuable and actionable information derived from the highest-quality satellite imagery can provide much-needed context at scale.  

Maxar mapping data products fuel an array of mapping missions—from enhancing foundation GEOINT production workflows for analysts to delivering more immersive mission training and rehearsal for soldiers.  

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Transforming Data into Insight

Harnessing our deep mission intimacy and expertise, Maxar advanced analytics offer services and tools for analysts, developers and data scientists working across diverse applications. 

Maxar helps customers navigate uncertainty and the growing volume of incoming data for a clearer picture and faster, more confident decision-making. 

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Earth Intelligence Expertise

Task our geospatial services experts—more than 1,000 aerospace engineers, geospatial analysts, software developers, data scientists and DevOps engineers—to solve your most complex challenges.  

We combine multisource data collection, enrichment and analysis with disruptive technologies and proprietary tools to help customers unlock insights where and when it matters. 

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Space Infrastructure Solutions

As a space technology pioneer, Maxar has been partnering with NASA and supporting space missions since humans first began exploring the solar system. We are focused on increasing access to space and empowering humanity's pursuit of understanding through disruptive technologies and innovative approaches.

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Earth Observation and Monitoring

Maxar has decades of experience designing, building and operating the most sophisticated commercial Earth observation satellites. With flexible spacecraft, leading modeling software and systems integration expertise, Maxar is a trusted partner for critical missions. 

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On-Orbit Servicing and Assembly

As humanity further explores the universe, the ability to robotically assemble, service and manipulate assets in space will become essential. With hundreds of successful robotic space missions performed, Maxar has been developing and deploying robotic technologies for more than three decades. 

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Spacecraft, Propulsion and Transportation

Reliable, efficient propulsion is critical for space missions, especially those targeting the moon, Mars and objects farther away in our solar system. Maxar offers time-tested spacecraft offerings and next-generation solar electric propulsion to ensure your payload reaches its destination. 

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Robotic Exploration

Robotic exploration is a critical component of our space exploration efforts. Gaining a better understanding of the surface of space objects improves our understanding of our planet, the solar system and the universe—ultimately helping us prepare to send humans there in the future. 

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On-demand, Browser-based Access to GeoINT

Learn about Global-Enhanced GEOINT Delivery (Global-EGD) Program for U.S. government.

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