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Location intelligence for the networks of tomorrow

Strategic innovation for global connectivity

Cities are rapidly growing—as are customer expectations around wireless connectivity and signal reliability. The 5G networks of tomorrow will rely on a signal so sensitive it can be blocked by the palm of your hand—which makes network planning even more complicated.

Next-generation solutions

Network solutions are only as reliable as the data used to plan them. Maxar delivers near real-time geodata and flexible platforms to help network operators roll out in new markets and maintain network superiority in existing markets faster than the competition.

“We used to rely on lower quality clutter data in the New York area. With this data, 60% of all our planned links failed when they were checked by our surveyors. Now, thanks to the accurate and complete representation of building and foliage in the Vricon 3D data provided by [Maxar], we are able to confidently reject blocked links and pick the clear links, all within our virtual desk plan. Thanks to this high-quality clutter height data, we have seen a 98% decrease in false positives.”

Intelligent connectivity for global transformation

From wireless network planning to novel IoT solutions

Maxar is the trusted geospatial partner for many of the world’s leading telecommunications companies. We provide the customized data, analysis and expertise they need to create accurate location intelligence.

Currency for network capacity and coverage

Streamline your workflow and improve propagation models with fresh, satellite imagery derived geodata. We offer advanced off-the-shelf geodata, or reliable source data to build your own.

Flexibility for IoT Solutions

Leverage our robust analytics platform to identify features, extract information and build your own unique data solutions. And we can help you integrate IoT sensor data and networks to power technology that brings location intelligence to end users.

Reliable foundational GIS data

 As the source of our own imagery, we can access and process content faster—helping you get the derived data layers you need sooner. Industry-leading 30 cm class resolution leads to more accurate results, reducing cost and time associated with iteration.

Relevant products

3D & clutter data

Vectorized 3D buildings, clutter height data and vegetation layers ideal for small-cell and macro cell deployments over large or dense areas.

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Radar imagery

Essential for consistent monitoring over large areas, at night, and through inclement weather conditions.

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Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM)

A comprehensive database of change to help you identify rapid infrastructure development.

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