Solutions for fisheries

Near real-time monitoring of ocean and weather conditions

Unlock critical information about marine life

The fishing industry is critical to our global economy and food supply—more than 3 billion people depend on fish for essential nutrition and the industry employs more than 160 million worldwide.

Maxar solutions enable sustainable commercial fishing practices that ensure healthy marine ecosystems and reduce overfishing and illegal fishing.

Making fisheries more efficient

The total surface area of the world’s oceans is about 362 million sq km. Oceanographic data analytics help sea captains and fishermen find fish more quickly and efficiently and protect aquaculture operators from adverse conditions, like Red Tide.

Optimize your fishing expeditions with tools and data for more efficient purse seining, long-lining and trolling—cutting search time and saving fuel. Access reliable, actionable insights to protect increasingly valuable fish stock, particularly as wild fish stocks decline due to climate change and pollution.

Sustainable fishing practices

Gain transparency at scale to monitor potential over fishing with tracking tools and daily catch reports.

Monitor suspicious activity

Expose vessels engaged in illegal fishing within exclusive economic zones (EEZs) or controlled areas. Collect visual evidence of illegal transshipments with Maxar tip and cue satellite capabilities.

Environmental protection

Monitor the emergence of Red Tides and other pollutants like oil spills in near-real time with advanced detection algorithms and oceanographic big data.

Relevant products

Satellite imagery

The fidelity of Maxar 30 cm resolution imagery reveals actionable insights about important locations, assets and operations.

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SeaStar information service

Obtain insights extracted from oceanographic big data to help identify specific areas to fish and assess area conditions, minimizing search time and reducing fleet operation costs.

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Crow’s Nest

Maxar’s Crow’s Nest MMS uses synthetic aperture radar and optical satellite imagery, automation and customer input to allow maritime enforcement agencies to more effectively intervene and manage vulnerable fish populations.

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