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Advanced geospatial analytics for energy operations

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Your energy operations are more complex than ever, and you need to keep a watchful eye on your assets, infrastructure and operations. But frequently those assets are far away or in places that aren’t easy to visit, making it challenging to optimize your operations across your entire enterprise.

Understand changing ground conditions

Maxar provides optical and radar imagery, elevation data, change detection and machine learning capabilities to help you monitor infrastructure and operations. These capabilities let you do more than see what’s there—you can see what’s changed and understand what those changes mean.

Gain near real-time insights into global operations

Maxar enables feature extraction to be done in days rather than months—so you can optimize production costs by automating time-consuming field surveys, data input and analysis.


See how one company used high-resolution imagery and digital elevation models (DEMs) to overcome technical challenges in shale operations and plan well pad locations and pipeline routing.

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Asset monitoring

Characterize existing conditions and detect change over your assets (and those of the rest of the market) to monitor progress, encroachment and environmental impacts.

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Sustainable development

Support your organization’s sustainable practices by leveraging historical base layers, optical and SAR data, predictive analytics, weather data and near real-time monitoring to support preparedness simulations, event prediction and post-event analysis and response.

Digital transformation

Incorporate machine learning, big data and AI-based analytics to maximize operational efficiency, improve asset management and customer engagement and drive better outcomes.

Relevant products

High-resolution satellite imagery

Build more accurate maps and gain greater clarity with the fidelity of our 30 cm class resolution imagery and our derivative products.

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Radar imagery

Leverage radar-derived oil-on-water outputs for natural oil seep detection and potential spill/release assessment. Use InSAR-based surface movement monitoring for enhanced oil recovery operations.

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Spatial on Demand

The world’s largest professional-grade energy geospatial solution. Enable quick and easy access across your enterprise to search, sort, select, share, and store geospatial data sets directly in the workflows you already use.

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Change detection

Monitor activity over customer and market assets with near real-time alerts from Maxar change detection capabilities powered by AI and machine learning.  

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The Maxar energy weather group provides clean, timely and accurate weather information, forecasts and analytics for conventional and renewable energy sources. AI, cloud-based and crowd-sourcing platforms offer automated feature identification and extraction for scalable analytics. 

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