Solutions for Earth Observation

Making global change visible

Identify and understand change at any scale

Organizations across sectors rely on Earth observation (EO) satellites for information about environmental and human activities around the globe. Whether your mission requires broad-area monitoring or feature identification, EO satellites are an invaluable resource for analysis and decision-making.

Highly flexible satellites for demanding missions

With our unique heritage of spacecraft manufacturing and commercial and government services—including concept and systems development, advanced signal and imagery processing, multi-intelligence analytics and ground systems—Maxar Earth observation capabilities expedite decision-making cycles.

Resilient infrastructure for persistent monitoring

Maxar Earth observation capabilities empower customers to address a broad range of use cases, including:

  • Maritime domain awareness
  • Sustainable development
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Urban planning
  • Economic trends
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Weather and natural disaster monitoring
  • Humanitarian assistance and disaster response
  • National security

A leader in EO innovation

Optical Earth observation capabilities

Maxar owns and operates the most agile and sophisticated constellation of high-resolution commercial imaging satellites. We continue to lead the industry, establishing benchmarks in resolution, agility, precision accuracy and spectral capabilities.

Maxar WorldView Constellation

World-class technology that collects the most reliable geospatial data available

SkySat constellation

Maxar has built 13 sub-meter small satellites for Planet Labs’ SkySat constellation.


Legion is Maxar's modular satellite platform that is configurable to support an array of missions. We are leveraging this high-performance platform for our next-generation Earth observation constellation, WorldView Legion, which will deliver unrivaled Earth intelligence for demanding missions.

New Frontiers

Maxar is building cameras for NASA’s New Frontiers mission, which will search Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, for signs of life. A flying drone will use our cameras to navigate and capture the celestial landscape.

Radar Earth observation capabilities

Maxar is the exclusive U.S. provider of MDA Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imagery and missions solutions, uniquely designed for broad-area maritime surveillance, providing near real-time vessel detection and analysis.

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The world's first operationally focused commercial SAR sensor, RADARSAT-1, served 17 years on orbit.


Capturing over 30,000 images per year, RADARSAT-2 boasts the highest imaging capacity of any commercial SAR mission and features a unique responsive design that quickly addresses end-user needs and supports near real-time applications.

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MDA RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM)

This follow-on project leverages three satellites to enhance operational use of C-band SAR data and provide a wide variety of imaging modes for large area maritime surveillance, disaster management and environmental monitoring.

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How can Maxar help you better understand the changing conditions around the globe? Discuss your organization's needs with one of our experts.

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