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Maxar Intelligence

3D geospatial rendering of an urban environment

Reliable Geospatial Intelligence

Unlock advanced, timely geospatial insights to solve national security, defense and commercial missions in new and innovative ways.

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Maxar Space Systems

People observing spacecraft in a satellite manufacturing facility clean room

Innovative Space Systems

Redefine what's possible in space with proven spacecraft, components and robotics.

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Maxar Intelligence Updates

Our geospatial intelligence solutions deliver critical insights for customers around the world.

Satellite image of San Francisco City Hall

First Images Released

The new WorldView Legion satellite collected its first images of California.

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Istanbul airport Maxar Vivid Advanced basemap 15 cm HD 2024

The first 15 cm HD basemap from satellite imagery

Vivid Advanced imagery basemaps now covers metro areas and regularly updates over areas of major urban development.

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Precision3D 3D Surface Model of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Our digital twin of Earth provides highly accurate 3D datasets of real-world environments for simulation, training, navigation, network planning and other complex environments.

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Maxar Space Systems Updates

Our space technology innovations and partnerships are driving better outcomes for our customers.

Ovzon 3 spacecraft in the Maxar Space Systems facility in Palo Alto, CA

Maxar Space Systems-Built Ovzon 3 Satellite Launched

Maxar Space Systems designed and manufactured this specialized satellite for Ovzon, a Swedish-based SATCOM as-a-Service provider dedicated to offering world-leading mobile satellite communications services, to customers across the globe.

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The Psyche spacecraft chassis, seen here at its manufacturing center in Palo Alto, California, before final integration and testing in Florida.

NASA’S Maxar Space Systems-built Psyche Deep Space Spacecraft Performing Well After Launch

The Maxar Space Systems-built Psyche chassis spread its two solar arrays and successfully started maneuvers toward the asteroid belt.

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Photo of the Maxar Space Systems-built Galaxy 37/Horizons-4 satellite for Intelsat

Maxar Space Systems-built Galaxy 37/Horizons-4 satellite for Intelsat performing well after launch

Shortly after liftoff and separation, the satellite began receiving and sending signals and deployed its solar arrays.

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