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Maxar has decades of experience building communication and Earth observation satellites. We provide reliable, high-powered spacecraft for global commercial missions as well as a broad range of civil, defense and intelligence missions for the U.S. government. Our family of spacecraft platforms reflect new technology and production improvements, and is backed by Maxar’s reputation for reliability and 60+ years of spacecraft manufacturing experience.  

Reliable performance and longevity

Maxar 1300™ series

The world's most popular spacecraft platform, the Maxar 1300™ series is designed to accommodate evolutionary advances in technology. This versatile platform seamlessly serves a variety of missions—from communications satellites to spacecraft for exploration.

Maxar 1300™ series features:

  • lightweight, high-strength structure
  • fuel-efficient attitude and station-keeping subsystems
  • reliable, high-efficiency solar arrays and batteries
  • advanced command and control subsystems
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Maxar 500™ series

The Maxar 500’s scalable platform that features high stability, agility and pointing accuracy, tailored for multiple missions and orbits.

  • High agility
  • Ultra stable, low jitter platform
  • High precision attitude knowledge and control
  • High bandwidth mission data downlink
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Maxar 300™ series

Maxar 300™ series low Earth orbit (LEO) constellations are multi mission, scalable architecture designed for rapid constellation deployment, optimized for production efficiency and schedule reliability, delivering value on your investment.

  • Flexible, scalable electrical and data interfaces 
  • Configurable telemetry, tracking and command, as well as mission data architectures 
  • Mission-tailored structure, solar array, battery 
  • Supports intersatellite links (optical and radio frequency) 
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