Persistent Change Monitoring

Identify and monitor areas of relevant change at scale

Expose change

The Earth’s landcover is continuously changing due to both human activity and the forces of nature. For the image and geospatial analyst who need to identify, understand and anticipate change, Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM) highlights locations of persistent change, eliminating the need to manually scan imagery.

Filter out noise

Update critical geospatial infrastructure efficiently with technology that can identify persistent changes in land use/land cover while filtering out noisy seasonal or natural cycles of change.


Rapidly prioritize resources and other data collections, based on were changes have occurred   

Refresh data

Pinpoint where human change is happening on the Earth’s surface

Monitor activities

Access to cost-effective surveillance of hazed assessment and construction over broad areas

Analyze trends

Examine historical change and deviations from patterns of growth and development

Enhance foundational tasks with PCM


Monitor and prioritize resources to update critical geospatial infrastructure


Identify, understand and anticipate change across the globe


Understand the location, extent, timeframe and rates of land-use/land-cover change


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Focus your attention on important change

With 15 years of historical data, understand change over time in your area of interest.

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