Crow's Nest

Vessel detection and critical insight for maritime security agencies

Detect and verify vessel activity

Maxar’s Crow’s Nest™ Maritime Monitoring and Security (MMS) capabilities leverage space-based optical and radar imagery and advanced machine learning to deliver critical information quickly—these actionable details save time, money and lives.

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Broad area coverage

Near real-time delivery

Detailed, reliable information

Multisensor inputs

Automated processes

Dynamic collection planning

Real-World Applications

Near real-time monitoring solutions for complex problems on the high seas

Protecting Legal Fishing Operations

The world’s oceans are overfished at an alarming rate, threatening food security and long-term economic prosperity for many nations. Maxar’s Crow’s Nest™ MMS uses synthetic aperture radar and optical satellite imagery, automation and customer input to allow maritime enforcement agencies to more effectively intervene and manage vulnerable fish populations.

Countering Illicit Trafficking

Because they are largely unmonitored, the world’s oceans are notorious for drug- and human-trafficking routes. Maxar’s dynamic MMS detects ships of interest and then quickly tasks its constellation to collect the freshest high-resolution optical imagery, enabling agencies to identify vessels with confidence and provide evidence of activity. 

Monitoring Ports Remotely

Monitoring foreign naval installations and other points of interest is a high-stakes operation for many nations. Maxar’s Crow’s Nest™ MMS simplifies remote monitoring with on-demand access to Maxar’s 20-year image archive and built-in analysis tools, available via SecureWatch® online and offline, from anywhere in the world.

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