Maxar Missions

Watch the Maxar Missions video series to learn how Maxar’s commercial space brands are collaborating to drive the new space economy forward. And check back as new episodes are added.

Maxar Missions Episode 1

Watch the story of how two Maxar companies, MDA and SSL, are developing technology that will change the satellite market and is a precursor to mankind's journey into deep space.

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Maxar Missions Episode 2

Learn how Maxar Technologies' four industry-leading companies are collaborating to develop the WorldView Legion imaging satellite constellation.

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Maxar Missions Episode 3

Watch episode 3 to learn how Maxar’s companies are leveraging machine learning and AI to train machine learning models and answer questions about the planet on a larger scale.

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Discover More About Maxar

We're a new company with a 60-year track record in space. Our talented teams are our competitive advantage, bringing decades of expertise together to accelerate innovation.

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