Solutions for global development

Geospatial data and tools for all 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Breaking down siloes to address complex issues

Challenges like monitoring poverty, hunger and health; observing trends in education and gender equality; better understanding the effects of climate change; and protecting human rights are all critical to a sustainable future.

Foundational geospatial data can help foster consistency across programs and provide critical context at local and national scale.

Critical insights into natural and built environments

Understanding how environmental and human dynamics influence economic conditions and conflict is difficult. But geospatial data can help map populations, homes, schools, vegetation, infrastructure, energy and more. Continuous data streams enable change detection to unlock insights and inform action.

Maxar high-resolution satellite imagery provides rich detail that enable analyses for critical context on changing ground conditions.

Working together for a better world

Maxar is committed to making advanced geospatial technology more accessible for global development programs and proudly partners with organizations working across all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These partnerships ensure our data are put to good use on the ground.


Accuracy and clarity

The fidelity of Maxar 30 cm resolution imagery lets you build more accurate maps and gain greater clarity.

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Global coverage

We add about 3 million sq km of high-resolution imagery to our 100+ petabyte global library every day—so you always get the current imagery you need.

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Advanced analytics

Our cloud-based GBDX and crowdsourcing platforms offer automated and manual feature identification and extraction for scalable analytics that help you see and understand what’s happening.

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We have a dedicated Sustainable Development Practice to accelerate our work towards the SDGs and foster more collaboration with organizations that need this data the most.

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Relevant products


Stream and download the satellite imagery and information layers you need, when and where you need it.

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Open Data Program

Access pre- and post-event satellite imagery to support recovery efforts in the wake of large-scale emergencies.

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Our cloud-based GBDX platform offers automated and manual feature identification and extraction for scalable analytics.

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AI-enabled Analytics

Combine high-resolution imagery with AI and machine learning tools to extract features and identify attributes (like building footprints and rooftop materials) at scale.

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SDG Partnerships eBook

See how geospatial data is accelerating progress across all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Together, we can accomplish more

We're committed to empowering organizations and governments to achieve their unique goals.

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