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Both local and national governments have expansive mandates and limited resources as they serve growing populations, manage infrastructure, drive economic growth and plan for the future. Maxar brings the commercial innovation and collaboration needed to help agencies inform and shape the future.

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Infrastructure monitoring

Improve construction, planning and performance with accurate, up-to-date maps that support safe living and working environments. 

City resilience

Ensure your agencies and first responders are prepared to mobilize effectively when disaster strikes as well as quickly assess damage and activate recovery programs with access to accurate, current road conditions, building footprints and elevation models.

Land governance

Digitize land boundaries for infrastructure planning, taxation, agriculture, natural resources management and biodiversity conservation—at city, state or national scale.

Space exploration

Expand science and space exploration programs, improve communications and ensure national security with a proven mission partner for design, build, testing and management of spacecraft systems.

Helping city managers better serve their communities

In an environment of decreasing budgets and limited resources, geospatial technologies are an invaluable resource for city managers who need to better understand and anticipate their community’s needs.

Download the industry report to learn how imagery and geospatial technologies can make communities more resilient, minimizing the inevitable costs of emergency response and recovery.

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Relevant solutions

High-resolution imagery

Build more accurate maps and gain greater clarity with the fidelity of our 30 cm resolution imagery.

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Census solutions

Reduce census resources while improving programs by combining our imagery and change monitoring capabilities.

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Earth observation and monitoring

Maxar has decades of experience designing, building and operating the most sophisticated commercial Earth observation satellites. With flexible spacecraft, leading modeling software and systems integration expertise, Maxar is a trusted partner for critical missions.

NASA'S Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO)

NASA selected Maxar to install their pollution monitoring sensor, TEMPO, on our 1300-class platform. Scheduled to travel to geostationary orbit in 2022, TEMPO will provide hourly pollution reports on areas of ten square kilometers across North America.

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WorldView Legion

When our next-generation WorldView Legion constellation is in service, we’ll be able to revisit the most rapidly changing areas on Earth more than 15 times per day, tripling our 30 cm capacity and drastically increasing coverage of high-interest areas.

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On-orbit servicing and assembly

As humanity further explores the universe, the ability to robotically assemble, service and manipulate assets in space will become essential. With hundreds of successful robotic space missions performed, Maxar has been developing and deploying robotic technologies for more than three decades.


Maxar is building the spacecraft bus and robotic arms for NASA’s OSAM-1 low Earth orbit servicing mission (previously called Restore-L), which will demonstrate the ability to extend the life of a satellite through refueling and other fundamental capabilities for future NASA missions.

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NASA's Space Infrastructure Dexterous Robot (SPIDER)

Maxar and NASA are collaborating on the Space Infrastructure Dexterous Robot (SPIDER) project, which will enable spacecraft components to be robotically assembled and reconfigured on orbit for the first time.

Propulsion and transportation

Reliable, efficient propulsion is critical for space missions, especially those targeting the moon, Mars and objects further out in our solar system. Maxar offers time-tested spacecraft and next-generation solar electric propulsion to ensure your payload reaches its destination.

Power and Propulsion Element

Maxar is building the power and propulsion element for NASA’s Gateway, a lunar orbiting command module that will support human missions on the surface of the moon and enable future crewed missions to Mars.

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Maxar is working with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on a mission to explore Psyche, an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter that is believed to be made of metal rather than rock or ice. The mission will use our next-generation solar electric propulsion system—the highly efficient SPT-140.

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Robotic exploration

Robotic exploration is a critical component of our space exploration efforts. Gaining a better understanding of the surface of space objects improves our understanding of our planet, the solar system and the universe—ultimately helping us prepare to send humans there in the future.

Spirit and Opportunity

Twin rovers launched in 2003, Spirit and Opportunity were designed to search for signs of past life on Mars. Built and designed to withstand the dusty and difficult terrain of Mars, Opportunity’s nimble Maxar-built robotic arm far outlasted its 90-day mission and traveled 28 miles over 14 years.


Maxar’s Sample Acquisition, Morphology Filtering, and Probing of Lunar Regolith (SAMPLR) robotic arm was chosen to be the first robotic arm on the surface of the moon since the Surveyor missions more than 50 years ago. It will be used to acquire samples of lunar regolith.

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Maxar's robotic arm has the mission-critical job of placing the sensitive instruments conveyed by NASA’s InSight lander onto the dusty Martian surface—a process that future landers are expected to repeat when offloading payloads onto the surface of the Moon.

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Explore space

Travel from Earth to the moon and Mars with Maxar. This interactive journey highlights Maxar’s space heritage and future missions.

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