Solutions for automotive

Critical data and tools for high-definition mapping

Navigating beyond the horizon

Today, vehicles have sensors that detect their surroundings and identify potential hazards. But improving safety requires a foundational map that goes beyond the vehicle vicinity. We help automotive companies build proprietary maps, providing the flexibility and privacy to evolve their autonomous programs at their own pace.

Driving autonomous technology forward

If your organization is making investments in HD maps for ADAS, semi-autonomous or autonomous technology, Maxar satellite imagery and road network data provide flexible, tailored data that fits any workflow.

Choose a partner, not a vendor

Maps are at the center of mobility technology—from apps to autonomous vehicles. Maxar assists partners at all levels, delivering global high-resolution satellite imagery and derived geospatial data.

Whether your organization ingests direct, raw data or needs user-ready imagery products, Maxar has your content. We can help you transform operations without sacrificing valuable IP.

Safety first, autonomy second

Transform your customer experience

High-definition mapping

High-quality geospatial data provides reliable information on lanes, road markings, features, road furniture and more. Build your own HD maps and autonomous technology with frequent updates, current imagery, change analysis, feature extraction and 3D data from Maxar.

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Reliable change detection

Monitor changes on roads including new lanes, intersection changes, construction, hazards, lane modification and traffic flow disruption with near real time alerts from Maxar change detection capabilities powered by AI and machine learning.

Superior user experience

Publish location information in dash with reliable route preview, pickup and drop-off points built with 3D data over Maxar high-resolution imagery for superior user experience.

Protect your data

Work directly with the data source to create a competitive differentiation in your high-definition mapping programs with a proprietary solution.

Relevant products

Satellite imagery

The fidelity of Maxar 30 cm class resolution imagery lets you build more accurate maps and gain greater clarity.

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We collect about 3 million sq km of high-resolution imagery each day, continuously feeding our 20-year, 100+ petabyte global imagery archive.

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AI-enabled Analytics

Combine high-resolution imagery with AI and machine learning tools to extract features and identify attributes (like building footprints and road furniture) at scale.

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The road to autonomy is paved with geospatial data

How does satellite imagery fit in at each level of autonomy? Take a look at how geospatial technology is key to moving from Level 3 to Level 5: full autonomy.

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Experience the clarity and accuracy of the industry’s highest quality geospatial data.