Maxar solutions serve dozens of industries worldwide, from environmental monitoring and mapping to defense and public safety.


Our strong heritage in spacecraft manufacturing and services—including systems development, advanced signal and imagery processing, multisource analytics, and ground systems—differentiates and fuels our innovative Earth observation capabilities, which help stakeholders make timely and critical decisions.

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More than 50 governments around the world trust Maxar to provide integrated solutions that help them protect and improve livelihoods for their citizens.

Civil Government

Governing bodies need a clear, current view of their sphere of authority on Earth. Maxar provides national and local agencies with reliable geospatial technology and information solutions to better understand, plan and serve their communities.

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Defense and Intelligence

Confronted by heightened national security challenges, military and intelligence organizations must source, ingest, process and analyze more data than ever before. Maxar enables these agencies to evolve and streamline their intelligence programs for increasingly complex requirements.

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U.S. Government

Accelerating U.S. leadership in space and geospatial intelligence, Maxar serves many agencies and missions across the government—delivering innovative spacecraft systems, multisource intelligence plus viable machine learning and AI.

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The world’s most innovative businesses work with Maxar to protect and advance their competitive edge—improving customer experience, maximizing efficiencies, developing new solutions—with advanced spacecraft, geospatial data and machine learning capabilities.

Agriculture and Farming

Maxar helps agriculture-based organizations maximize yield with weather and geospatial data to detect variability in soil and crop conditions. We also provide valuable insights to help predict fluctuations in agricultural markets.


High-quality geospatial data is critical to realizing the vision of safe autonomous vehicles. We help automotive partners create their own HD maps or enrich their existing navigation data to support program development for improved safety and customer experience.

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Consumer Mapping

Accuracy matters when your application is centered around location-based search features. The world’s most innovative technology and mapping companies partner with Maxar for current, clear and accurate Earth imagery and derived data.

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With multisource geospatial intelligence and machine learning tools, we help customer detect change and find new opportunities first. Maxar helps strengthen competitive advantages and inform energy trading and business decisions with the most up-to-date insight.

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Global Development

Maxar supports organizations working toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by providing accessible satellite imagery, geospatial information and analytics tools that foster collaboration and consistency at the national and local level.

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Maxar delivers advanced technology solutions to help partners monitor deforestation and logging activity at a nationwide scale, providing the resolution required to detect selective logging, clear cuts and forest degradation anywhere in the world.


Grounding knowledge and intuition in satellite-derived intelligence, Maxar delivers simplified datasets to help crews detect, monitor and navigate fishing grounds with near real-time ocean conditions—reducing resources and risks.

Maritime Monitoring and Security

Agencies responsible for national security, regulating fisheries or environmental protection need near real-time information. Maxar helps customers focus resources by delivering reliable visibility and vessel detection across large maritime domains.

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Satellite Communications

For more than 40 years, customers across the globe have trusted Maxar as a partner in satellite communications. Our next-generation communications satellites are essential to connecting communities, economies and countries.

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Rapid urbanization is both an opportunity and a challenge for wireless network operators. Maxar offers on-demand access to fresh geodata and scalable change detection at the resolution needed for next-generation network planning and optimization.

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Maxar expert meteorologists provide complete, near real-time forecasts and data to help customers in agriculture, energy, commodity trading, insurance and transportation mitigate risk and make timely decisions.

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