"New" characterizes the disruption that technology and commercial enterprises bring to the table. "Economy" is the commercial mindset: using capital efficiently, generating returns, delivering value and demonstrating successful realization of concepts, commitments and benefits.

Opportunity for accelerating growth

Space is no longer the sole domain of governments. As capital is used more efficiently and technologies converge, innovative commercial enterprises are combining machine learning, autonomous robotics, reusable rockets, and satellites of every size and advanced capability to put the best technology on Earth into orbit, opening new, large, growth markets.

a new space economy company with a 60-year track record in space

At Maxar we are future-focused, and we've been there since the beginning. Our talented teams are a competitive advantage, bringing decades of expertise to the opportunity of accelerating innovation. We take what we've learned and apply new technologies and tools, along with our commercial mindset, to develop innovative solutions that benefit our customers and humanity.

Answers at scale

With machine learning, the cost-efficacy of the New Space Economy means data sets are more prevalent, more valuable and quicker to deploy. We are leveraging machine learning to improve the predictive accuracy of big data analytics, particularly in our DigitalGlobe and Radiant Solutions businesses, enabling solutions and insights based on massive amounts of data, with speed and agility.

A better world

The promise of new space is to ensure that everyone on the planet has access to the internet, telecom, and information that makes the world a better place. Access and transparency lifts up the billions of people who have a right to live at a first-world standard, regardless of location or worldview. At Maxar, we are committed to doing good, as well as doing well.